Bin information for flats


Blocks of flats

Blocks of flats have two different types of bins which are kept in a communal area:

  1. Dry recycling waste (large blue bin): collected once a week
  2. General waste (large grey bin): collected once a week

The bins will be collected from the allocated point e.g. the bin storage room.

Houses converted to a flat
If you live in a house that has been converted into flats you will have two different types of bin :

  • Blue recycling bin: collected every 2 weeks
  • Grey/green general waste bin: collected every 2 weeks

Garden waste is collected by the council when you sign up for this service (this is optional and chargeable).

Your bins may be stored in a bin store area - speak with your landlord or management company to find out where this is located if you aren't sure.

On your collection day bins need to be left at the edge of the front of your property, free from any obstruction by 6.30am. They will be collected between this time and 3pm. Extra waste on or by your bin may mean your bin won't be collected.

Don't forget

You must make sure you put the right rubbish in each bin. Your bin will not be picked up if it is contains rubbish that should not be there. 

If you have extra waste you can:

  • Take this to the Recycling Centre: remember that you will need to take photo ID and proof of address with you to show you are a Harrow resident
  • Request an inspection: If you always have extra rubbish you may not have enough bins for the number of flats. You can contact us and we will arrange to come and inspect the site to decide if an additional bin is required.


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