Food waste caddy

Food waste caddy icon

All households have a Food waste caddy. The Food waste caddy is a small black bin. It is the smallest of the household waste bins.

When is my Food waste caddy collected?

Our bin crews collect your Food waste caddy every week.

You can view or download your collection schedule by entering your address on our bins page.

What can I put in my Food waste caddy?

  • Eggshells
  • Dairy
  • Fruit peel and cores
  • Teabags and coffee grounds
  • Leftovers
  • Meat bones
  • Fish bones
  • Vegetable peelings

Please do not put plastic bags or loose food waste in the Food waste caddy. All food waste must go in bio bags or wrapped in newspaper before going in the Food waste caddy.

Need to order more Food waste bio bags?

You can buy Food waste bio bags online, from a Harrow library or from any leading supermarkets. To order Food waste bio bags online, visit our Food waste bio bags page.

Need a new Food waste caddy?

You can order a new Food waste caddy if your bin has gone missing or has been broken or damaged. To help prevent your bins going missing, put your door number on your Food waste caddy.

We do not carry out repairs on Food waste caddies, but you can order a new one for £6.20. Your new Food waste caddy will be delivered within four weeks.

To order a new bin, please visit our order a new bin page.

Looking after your Food waste caddy

To keep your Food waste caddy clean, line your caddy with newspaper, kitchen roll, or a Food waste bio bags.

You can lock your Food waste caddy to keep smells inside and animals out. You can lock your Food waste caddy by moving the handle to the forward position.