Asbestos and hazardous waste

Waste is generally labelled hazardous if it is harmful to humans or the environment.

Examples of hazardous waste:

  • asbestos
  • chemicals such as brake fluid or print toner
  • paint, varnish and drain unblocker
  • solvents and pesticides
  • photographic chemicals
  • oils, such as car oil (edibles oils are OK)
  • Fridges and freezers
  • hazardous waste containers

Asbestos is a type of hazardous waste which cannot be put in your bins or brought to our Recycling Centre.

Asbestos must be removed by a licensed company.

How can I dispose of asbestos or hazardous waste?

The City of London offer an asbestos and hazardous waste collection service for the residents of London.

Before you start

To apply for an asbestos or hazardous waste collection, you will need to:

  • provide your Council Tax number as proof of being a London resident
  • pack the asbestos yourself first in asbestos bags.
  • pack up chemicals yourself in boxes

Apply for a hazardous waste collection


The asbestos collection service does not provide asbestos sheets or bags. You will need to pack your asbestos waste in asbestos bags before your waste is collected. You can order asbestos bags from most retailers including Amazon.

How can I dispose of commercial asbestos?

Companies or traders will need to contact specialist asbestos removal companies.

You can find licenced asbestos removal companies by searching online.

The City of London do not offer asbestos collection services for commercial properties.

For more advice on hazardous waste, visit GOV.UK.