Bin information for residents who live in flats

All general domestic and foods bins are emptied weekly from 6am on a designated day for your area. 

Recycling bins are emptied every two weeks on the same day as your general waste and food bins, unless we have identified issues with your capacity and have arranged for weekly collections. Please visit your schedule to see your next collection.

Special care is to be taken by communal bin users to ensure that bins are not contaminated as this will result in your bins not being cleared.

Bin type Bin information
Red bin icon4 Your red domestic and food bin is emptied every week.
Household bin for flat Your household bin is collected on a set schedule. To view your next collection dates please enter your address on the bins, waste and recycling page.
Recycling bin for flat Your recycling bin is emptied every week.

You can view our bin collection guide if you are unsure where to place your bins on bin collections days. To find out what you should and should not put in each bin please see our bin disposal guide.

We also need to have the key code, key, fob (four sets) or a way of accessing bin stores where needed. Without the right access we are unable to clear the bins, speak to your managing agents if you believe there is a problem with access. 

This can be given to the team when you meet them on a site inspection or can be posted to:

  • Operations, PO 18, Civic Centre, Station Road, HA1 2UT.

Any missed collection has to be reported to the council after the close of business (5pm) and within 48 hours of the collection day.

Request a new bin if you live in a flat

To request a new bin for your flat you can complete our online form. When the form is submitted a visit to the property will be scheduled to make sure that there is enough space allocated for the additional bin(s).

Once the site visit is complete an invoice will be sent to the person who completed the request and payment will be required to complete the additional bin(s) request.

Request a new bin for a flat