Bin collections

Our bin crews collect your:

Bin collection dates are different for residents who live in flats. If you live in a flat, see our bins for residents of flats page.

Find out your bin day

Enter your postcode on our bins to:

  • view your bin days
  • add your annual bin day calendar to your phone
  • report a missed bin collection
  • order a new bin or extra waste bags
  • report a bin repair
  • subscribe to our Garden waste service, and more.

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On your bin day

We recommend that you put your bins out no later than 6am on the morning of your bin day. Most residents prefer to put their bins out the night before their bin day. Sadly, not all bin collections are successful. This can be for a variety of reasons:

The bins were not placed in the right location

Our bin crews will not collect your bins if they are not accessible. You should place your bins as close as possible to the public footpath. Try not to cause an obstruction to pedestrians with your bin(s). If you need help, you could apply for our assisted waste removal service.

The wrong waste is put in the wrong bin type

Our bin crews will not collect your bins if they are contaminated. For example, food waste in the recycling waste bin is classed as a contaminated bin. To find out what waste goes in each bin type, select a bin type below:


The wrong bins are put out on the wrong week

Our bin crews will not collect your bins if that type of bin is not scheduled. To make sure this doesn't happen to you, view our bin days on our bins page.

There is too much waste in or around your bin

Our bin crews will not collect your bins if there is excessive waste. This might cause the lid of the bin to remain open. They may not collect your bin if there is extra waste on or around your bins. If you want to order an extra bin, visit our order a new bin page.

You can also take any extra waste to the Harrow recycling centre in Wealdstone. If your waste is too big to transport, see our bulky waste collection page.

Missing or damaged bins

Our bin crews do their best to return your bins where they found them. But sometimes your bins can be misplaced by accident. This can either be misplaced by a crew member or by a neighbour. To help prevent your bins from going missing, you can put your door number on your bin.

Sometimes your bin can fall into the waste truck whilst it's being emptied. If this happens, our bin crews will post a note through your door and order a new bin for you free of charge. To find out more about repairs to damaged bins, see our repair a damaged bin page.

New to Harrow and need new bins?

If you are moving into a new build property, you should have household bins. The developer usually orders bins for new builds.

If you are moving into an older or existing property, the resident will need to order new bins. When a resident moves, they often choose to take their bins or have them removed.