Recycling clothing and textiles

We partner with TRAID, a charity working to recycle clothes. TRAID collects clothing donated by the public. They take the clothes to a warehouse to be hand sorted. The sorted clothing is then sold to the public in one of their 11 charity shops around the UK. Money from resales and environmental activities is used to:

  • expand recycling activities
  • educate the public on the benefits of recycling
  • donate back to global development projects.

Book a free clothing collection

If you have unwanted clothing, shoes or textiles, you can book a free home pickup. There are two ways to book your home collection with TRAID:

  • by completing the online booking form
  • by calling 020 8733 2595

Place your unwanted clothing in bags and keep them indoors away from bad weather. On your collection day, a member of the TRAID team will come to your door to collect your unwanted clothing.

Book a free collection

Recycle clothes at a clothing bank

You can recycle clothes at clothing banks in Harrow. Clothing banks are large containers. They are usually found in major food store car parks. Visit the Recycle Now website to find your nearest clothing bank.

Recycle clothes at a charity shop

You can take your unwanted clothes to local charity shops in Harrow. Please do not leave unwanted clothes outside charity shops. Bags left outside can become trip hazards or can attract foxes and vermin. For more information, see the TRAID website.