Food waste bio bags

Food waste bio bags must be placed in your kitchen caddy as a means of neatly collecting all your food waste before transferring it to your black food waste bin for collection.

Bin only containing loose food will not be collected please ensure it is wrapped in newspaper or in your bio bag.

You can buy food waste bio bags from any Harrow library or leading supermarkets.  

They must have the correct accreditation logo stating that the bags are 'compostable EN13432:2000.‘

Order food bio bags online

  • Bio bags are sold in a roll of 50 for £2.75
  • You can buy a maximum of five rolls at one time
  • Your bio bags will be delivered to you 
  • You can pay online

Order food waste bio bags

How can I keep my kitchen caddy clean?

In order to keep your caddy clean you should line your kitchen caddy with newspaper, kitchen roll or a food waste bio bags.

What can I do about foxes and vermin?

Lock your food waste bin to keep smells inside and animals out. The lock is operated by moving the bin’s handle to the forward position.