Order Food waste bio bags

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Food waste bio bags are biodegradable bags which go into your Food waste caddy.

All food waste must be put into Food waste bio bags before going into your Food waste caddy, or it may not be collected.

You can buy Food waste bio bags online or from any Harrow library or most leading supermarkets.  

They are usually green and must have the correct accreditation logo on them.

The message: ‘compostable EN13432:2000’ confirms that they are the correct bags to use.

Before you start

You can order Food waste bio bags online.

  • Food waste bio bags are sold in rolls of 50 for £3.20 per roll
  • You can buy up to five rolls at any one time
  • Your Food waste bio bags will be delivered to your home address 
  • Payment can be made online

Order Food waste bio bags

Where is my order?

If you have ordered Food waste bio bags online and haven't received them, you can make enquiries about the order.

Before you start

You will need:

  • Your reference number. You can find this on the email confirmation you received when you placed your order.
  • The date you placed the order.

Enquire about my order

Looking after your Food waste caddy

To keep your Food waste caddy clean, you should line your caddy with newspaper, kitchen roll, or a Food waste bio bag.

You can lock your Food waste caddy to keep smells inside and animals out. You can lock your Food waste caddy by moving the handle to the forward position.

Residents have a duty of care, and are responsible for their own waste. For more information please see our duty of care policy.