Different waste bin types

All households in Harrow have different types of bins for their waste disposal. These bins fall under two headings:

  1. Household waste
  2. Garden waste

Household waste icons

What is Household waste?

Household waste covers three bin types including:

Household waste bin collections are free and available to all households in Harrow.

What is Garden waste?

Garden waste icon

Garden waste (brown bin) is our paid-for subscription service. The service provides a collection of your garden waste bin, every two weeks. Find out how to subscribe to the Garden waste service.

Bins for new residents to Harrow

If you moved or are moving into a new build property, your property may already have Household bins. The property developer usually orders bins for new build properties.

If you are moving into an older or existing property, you may need to order new bins. This is because when a resident moves home, they often choose to take their bins with them or have them removed. You can find out how you can order new bins on our order new bins page.

Bins for residents who live in flats

Some residents who live in flats have communal bins including:

  • a large general waste bin (blue)
  • a large recycling waste bin (grey)
  • a food waste bin (red).

Residents in flats can also buy a Food waste caddy.

Find out more information on our bins for residents who live in flats page.

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How to report a missed bin

You can report a missed bin online if:

  1. it is after 5pm on your usual bin collection day and 
  2. it is not later than 48 hours since your usual collection day.

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