MyHarrow Account

With a MyHarrow Account you can keep a track of your council services online including your:

  • Council Tax account
  • Business Rates account
  • Housing Benefits account
  • Planning Applications
  • Landlord account and more.

You can sign up for notifications to keep you up to date with all your council accounts.

With a MyHarrow Account, completing forms is much quicker as it pre-fills some of your web forms for you.

Who can have a MyHarrow Account?

A MyHarrow Account is available to Harrow residents, staff, businesses, landlords and tenants.

How do I open a MyHarrow Account?

To register for a MyHarrow Account you will need to provide a

  • name
  • address
  • email address
  • password

Register for a MyHarrow Account

MyHarrow Account Support

If you have any questions about your MyHarrow Account see 'Common MyHarrow Account Questions'