Recycling electrical items

WEEE means Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment. WEEE is any broken or unwanted electronic equipment. Only a few unwanted electrical items are recycled. They are turned into new products.

Recycling one toaster creates enough steel to make 25 new cans. Recycling these items is important. It must be done in a responsible way for the environment.

For every item you recycle, we are reducing the need to use raw materials. This helps us save energy and a lot of resources. Examples of small WEEE items include:

  • vacuum cleaners
  • toasters
  • irons
  • clocks
  • coffee machines

What you can do with your small WEEE items

If you have unwanted or broken WEEE, you can bring it to our recycling centre. We have drop-off bays especially for electronics. Find out how you can book a visit to our recycling centre. If your WEEE is in good working order you can donate it to a local charity shop.

What you can do with your large WEEE items

Large items are broken down and used for parts. It may be difficult to bring your items to the recycling centre. If so, we have a bulky waste collections service. Our bulky waste team collects:

  • fridges and freezers
  • washing machines
  • tumble dryers
  • and other large items.

To find out more, see our bulky waste collection page. For more details about WEEE, see the West London Waste website.