Harrow Recycling Centre

Have you booked?

You need to book a visiting slot online if you want to visit the Harrow Recycling Centre.

Booking a visiting slot is free and can only be used by Harrow residents. Each slot will last for 30 minutes and you can only book one slot per household at a time.

A slot can be booked 14 days in advance and you must show your booking confirmation number, ID and proof of residency when you arrive.

You can find out what you can bring to the recycling centre by viewing our Harrow Recycling Centre guide.

Book a slot online

To book a slot at the Harrow Recycling Centre please select the button below and complete the short booking form.

You will need to provide:

  • the time slot and date you wish to book
  • your contact details including your name and address
  • the registration number of the vehicle you will be bringing on the day

You will be emailed a booking confirmation which you will need to show on the day.

Book a visit to the Recycling Centre

What you need to bring on the day

When you arrive at the Harrow Recycling Centre for your time slot make sure you bring:

  • Your booking confirmation (this will be emailed to you)
  • Valid Photo ID (driver’s license preferred)
  • Proof of address such as a utility bill or council tax bill

Can I book for a slot on the same day?

No, bookings for the same day cannot be made. You can book a slot for 26 hours after the time of making the booking.

For example, if booking at by 11.30 am, you will be able to book slots for 1.30pm onwards for the next day.

Can I leave the Recycling Centre and return with more waste within my allocated slot?

No, when you enter the Recycling Centre for your allocated time slot you are not allowed to return within your allocated slot for a second visit. You will need to book another slot online for multiple visits.

How can I cancel or change my booking?

There is a link to cancel your booking in the email you receive after making a booking. Alternatively there is a cancel link at the bottom of the booking form.

How far in advance can a session be booked?

Bookings can only be made 14 days in advance and any dates selected beyond the 14 days will show as not available.

What if I do not have internet access to book an online slot?

Bookings can only be made online so would ask that you seek help from a friend of relative to book on your behalf and provide you with the booking reference number which can be quoted from the car and checked alongside the identifications required and the registration number.

What if I do not have photo identification?

Non photo ID such as a non-photo driving license will also be accepted, supported by a bank/credit card with the same name.

What if I miss my slot or arrive after the slot is finished?

Each slot allocation is 30 minutes. You can arrive any time within that 30 minute slot. If you arrive after this time, you will not be admitted to the site.

What if I do not live in Harrow but I am clearing rubbish for a friend or relative who does and who cannot do it for themselves?

You should enter their Harrow address details at the point of booking and someone who lives at that address should accompany you to the site with the relevant proof of address and ID documents.

What vehicles are permitted?

Only vehicles measuring no higher than 6"6 will be permitted to the recycling centre.

Vans are not allowed as these are classed as commercial vehicles.

Seats within vehicle can be dropped down to allow space but not removed.

Can I visit by foot (without a vehicle)?

You can visit the centre by foot. When you arrive proceed to the site office first where you will be asked to show a photo ID and proof of your Harrow address. You do not need to have booked an appointment.

Trade waste

We are now accepting trade waste at the recycling centre and you do not need to book a slot. You need to make your way to the weigh bridge on the lower level.

Please familiarise yourself with our trade waste fees.

Live stream the Harrow Recycling Centre entrance

View a live stream of the entrance to the Harrow Recycling Centre. Please note that footage will need to be refreshed every minute.

View the live stream