Recycling waste bins

All households have a Recycling waste bin. The Recycling waste bin is blue for all households in Harrow. Your recycling waste is taken to a sorting facility where it is turned into:

  • Bottles
  • Paper and card
  • Clothing
  • Insultation
  • Furniture.

What goes in your Recycling waste bin

Your Recycling waste bin is for dry recyclable waste only. View examples of what you can and cannot put in your Recycling waste bin.

Recycling waste bin collections

Our bin crews collect your Recycling waste bin every two weeks. You can view your bin days by entering your postcode on our bins page.

Need to report a missed bin collection?

We are sorry our bin crews did not collect your bin(s). You can report a missed bin collection if: 

  • it is after 5pm on your usual bin day and 
  • it is not later than 48 hours since your usual bin day.

Enter your postcode on our bins page. Then select the missed bin option under the bin that was not collected.

Report a missed bin

Need a new or extra Recycling waste bin?

You can order an extra Recycling waste bin online. For more information view the order a new bin page.

Do you have extra waste?

Our bin crews will not collect any waste which is not inside your bin. For example, black bags or broken down boxes left next to your bin. Extra waste may also mean that your bin is not collected.

Is your Recycling waste bin broken or damaged?

You can have you bin repaired for free if the damage is to the bin's lid or pin. The pin is the small part that connects the lid to the bin. If there is damage to the body of the bin, handle or wheels you will need to order a new bin. If the bin crews damage your bin, they will report this on their system. They will then replace your damaged bin free of charge.

To report a bin repair, please visit our report a bin repair page.

Has your bin gone missing?

If your bin has gone missing you can order a new bin. Unfortunately we will not be able to replace the bin for free. By adding your door number to your bin, it may help to prevent it from going missing.