Help taking out your bins

If you can’t take your bin to the kerb on your collection day because of physical difficulties that relate to disability, age or ill health, we can arrange for our crew to collect your bin from your property and return it once it has been emptied.

We can only provide this service if you confirm there is nobody in your household who is able to help you and proof of your disability or infirmity.

We can only collect your bin if it easily accessible on the day of collection.

Apply for help to take your bins out

To apply for help to take your bins out you will need to provide one of the following:

  • Your blue badge number
  • A letter from your GP
  • A letter from the council re-ablement team

You can use the online form to:

  • Request assisted waste collections
  • Cancel your assisted waste collections (e.g. if you now have help with your bins or move out of Harrow)
  • Update your assisted waste collection address (if you have moved home within Harrow)

Request help taking out your bins


We are unable to provide an assisted waste collection for bulky waste. To request a bulky waste collection contact the commercial services team.