Brown (garden) bin


brown bin


What goes in your brown bin?

Garden waste is collected by the council when you sign up for this service.

Your garden waste bin is ordinarily collected every two weeks. The bin will be cleared at any time from 6.30am on the day of your collection. Depending on which service you have signed up for your collections will run from:

  • Summer service: April – October (this year)
  • Annual service: April (this year) –  March (next year)

What to put in your garden waste bin
The list below tells you common household items of rubbish we accept in the brown bin. If you put anything in your brown bin from the not allowed list your bin won’t be picked up.

Allowed Not Allowed
Garden waste i.e. grass cuttings, leaves, twigs and flowers* Any type of plastic bag
Untreated wood 100mm/4in diameter Mud, earth or soil
Pruned branches 100mm/4in diameter(shrubbery or tree bark) Fencing
Straw Animal faeces
  Japanese knotweed
  Diseased plants

*Dirt left on plant roots is classed as contamination.

If you haven’t signed up you can take your garden waste to the Recycling Centre.