Understanding my council tax bill

Council Tax bills FAQs

Why does my bill show a balance outstanding?

If you were previously issued with a Summons and the outstanding balance is already with Enforcement Agents, you must contact them to make payment. If your outstanding balance is subject to a payment arrangement, please ensure that it is up-to-date and continue to make your payments in addition to those shown on your New Bill to avoid court proceedings. An outstanding balance that has been subject to previous court proceedings will be shown as ‘subject to court proceedings’ on your annual bill.

How can I make payment?

You can pay online or see the back of your Council Tax Bill.
For Direct Debit Payments see www.harrow.gov.uk/ctaxdirectdebit

If you were previously paying by Direct Debit and you didn't cancel it, your payments will automatically continue. You don't need to arrange a new Direct Debit instruction for the new Financial year (ie 2023/24).

I want to pay over 12 months not 10

You have two options to pay over 12 months:

  • Option 1: pay by Direct Debit: you'll need to complete an online Direct Debit form
  • Option 2: submit a request using the Evidence Form so that we can arrange a payment plan through to March

I can’t pay on the 1st of the month

All non-Direct Debit payments must be made on the 1st of each month. If you cannot pay on the 1st you can set up a Direct Debit. You can set the payment to be taken either on the 15th or 25th of each month. To set up a Direct Debit, please complete our online Direct Debit form.

Why doesn't my bill show my discount, or exemption, or relief?

If your application for a reduction was very recent, it might not be processed yet. You must continue to pay your current bill until a new bill with the new amount is issued.

If you have been awarded a full exemption and your Council Tax account is in credit, you can request a refund. But before you do this please log on to your MyHarrow Account to see if the reduction has been applied. You can also check the status of the application and any letters that we may have sent to you.

If you believe you qualify for a discount or exemption, please see our Council Tax Discounts and Exemptions page.

I’ve moved out or sold my property, what should I do?

Please complete the online move in/out online form. Once this has been processed a new bill with a revised amount will be issued. This stands as confirmation that the Council Tax record has been updated.

Local Council Tax Support Scheme

You can find details of our scheme via our Council Tax Support page. You can also check your entitlement to Council Tax Support by using our Online entitlement calculator.

I get Universal Credit, Income Support, Job Seekers Allowance, Employment Support Allowance, Pension Credit Guarantee or have a low income; can I get any more support to pay my Council Tax?

The answer will be dependent upon your circumstances. If you are currently receiving Council Tax Support (CTS), your entitlement will automatically be calculated for 2023/24 based upon your circumstances. If you’re not currently receiving CTS, find out whether you may be entitled to it via our entitlement calculator.

If you have submitted a new claim or change of circumstances recently and have not yet received a revised Council Tax bill showing any entitlement or change of entitlement, you will, in the meantime, need to pay your Council Tax as shown on your most recent bill.

I don’t agree with how much Council Tax Support I am getting

You can visit your MyHarrow Account to view your total entitlement to Council Tax Support.

If you think your Council Tax Support is incorrect, you can ask us to review the decision. To do this you must write to the Council giving reasons why you believe the decision is incorrect and send all supporting documentation. You can also Submit your dispute online.

If you are not satisfied with the decision from the Council, you can appeal to an independent Valuation Tribunal within two months of our decision. You must however continue to pay your Council Tax as per your bill, whilst you have an appeal outstanding.

Why have I been charged for Adult Social Care?

An amount has been included within the Council Tax to be spent exclusively on local social care needs. That amount represents 2% of the 2023/24 Harrow Council Tax requirement for Harrow Council (ie excluding the GLA element). Harrow has increased its Council Tax requirement for 2023/24 by 2.99%. This means that the overall increase for this year (excluding the GLA element) is 4.99%, including the Adult Social Care precept.

Why have I been charged for GLA?

Please refer to the online Council Tax booklet.

I don’t agree with my Council Tax Band?

You should contact the Valuation Office Agency (VOA) to explain why you think your valuation band is wrong. You must be able to provide evidence.

Visit www.gov.uk/challenge-council-tax-band or call 03000 501 501

I’ve got an appeal outstanding on my band; do I have to pay this bill?

Yes. The current bill remains payable until a decision regarding your appeal has been reached and communicated to you and you have been sent a revised bill.

How can I contact the council about my Council Tax?

Please see if you can find the answer to your question on our Council Tax webpages. If you cannot find the information that you want, please submit an enquiry via our Council Tax Enquiry Form. Contact details are also on our bills.

My bill shows a reduction for Council Tax Support Fund Reduction. What is that reduction?

If you are in receipt of Council Tax Support on 1st April 2023, you may be eligible for a further reduction of up to £25. This will be shown on your bill as Council Tax Support Fund Reduction if your Council Tax payable is £25 or more. If your Council Tax payable is less than £25, the amount of the reduction shown on your bill will be equal to that amount. If you do not pay Council Tax, as you receive 100% Council Tax Support, you will not qualify for this further reduction.

Where can I go now the Civic Centre is closed?

The Civic Centre’s customer reception is now closed. In its place, the Council has opened three new sites in the town centre for in-person enquiries.

For Council Tax related matters our staff at Greenhill Library will be happy to assist you. The address is:

Greenhill Library
Perceval Square
College Road

This service is available Monday to Friday, 10am to 6pm. The opening hours of the main library may differ.

You can use their facilities to:

  • submit enquiries online
  • notify changes of circumstance
  • make cashless payments
  • submit requested documents which will be scanned

Please note however that 99% of our customer interactions are now online or over the telephone. If you have queries relating to Council Tax and Business Rates, please first visit: