Request a Council Tax refund

We can issue a refund when there is a valid credit balance on your account.

Do I need to request a refund?

Refunds are automatically issued if:

  • you pay by Direct Debit – the payment will be automatically refunded to your account.
  • you are moving address within harrow – we will transfer the credit to your new Council Tax account.

However, if your bill is in credit and you have not received a refund, please follow the instructions below.

Credit balances on open accounts

If you do not request a refund, we will use the credit to reduce the balance on your account and will send you a revised bill with the instalments adjusted.

Request a refund

  1. Download the Refund form (If the billpayer has died, please use the Executors form)
  2. Complete the form. You can only print and complete form by hand.
  3. Save the completed form to your device and send it to us using the Evidence upload form.