Understanding my council tax bill

Council Tax example bill

Sample of the top section of a council tax bill


  1. This is the address you have given us for your bill to be sent to.
  2. This is the address that the bill is for.
    Sample of the middle section of a council tax bill


  3. This is how you have chosen to pay your bill, for example by Cash or Direct Debit.
  4. These are the dates your instalment payments are due.
  5. This tells you if you have paid less or too much for the previous year. If you have not paid enough, in the previous year the outstanding amount will show here. If you have paid too much, this will be used to reduce your current year’s bill.
  6. This tells you why we have sent you a bill.
  7. This tells you about any discounts, exemptions or reductions that you receive. It also tells you the dates and the amount by which we have reduced your yearly charge.
    Sample of the bottom section of a council tax bill


  8. This tells you the total amount that you need to pay. The amount will be reflected in your instalments. If your balance is nil then you do not have to pay anything. If you have paid too much from a previous year and it is more than the amount payable for the current year you also do not have to pay. In both cases you will not have any instalments.
  9. This tells you the band of your property, the dates the charge relates to and the amount of the charge for your band.
  10. Please see the Council Tax guide