Tell us you're moving home

You will need to let us know if:

  • you are moving in, out or to a different property within Harrow
  • you have purchased an additional property in Harrow
  • your tenants have moved in or out of a property in Harrow
  • someone has moved in or out of your property

Moving into Harrow

You can let us know that you are moving into Harrow and register for council tax online.

If you were receiving council tax support or housing benefit in your previous property and would like to continue to receive it in your new property, you will need to make a new application.

Register for Council Tax

Moving out or within Harrow

You can let us know you are moving out or within Harrow online. You will need to provide the following information:

  • your council tax account number
  • the full postal address and postcode of your new property including the date you bought your property or started your tenancy there
  • the date you are moving out and in
  • the full name(s) of anyone else who is moving with you
  • if you are the tenant, we will need to know the name and address of your landlord
  • a forwarding address if you have it
  • if you were receiving council tax support and/or housing benefit you will also need to inform the benefits team of the change.

Report a move

New build properties

If you have moved to a new build property, sometimes it may not be on the council tax system yet, so please let us know via the council tax evidence form.