Understanding my council tax bill

Understanding my Council Tax bill

A Council Tax bill is ordinarily issued when:

  • the annual bills are created in March of each year
  • you have reported a change of address, occupants or tenants
  • you have set up or cancelled a Direct Debit
  • there has been change to your Council Tax Support, discount or exemption

If there is a change to the amount you need to pay, you will be sent a new bill. You should pay according to the most recent bill.

You must look after your bill as the council does not issue copies. However, you can also see your bills online, on your MyHarrow Account.

Annual bills are sent on the assumption that your circumstances will not change. If anything changes that affects your bill you must inform the council, so a new bill can be issued.

If any of the information on your bill is incorrect please let us know via the evidence upload form.  You must pay the bill while you are waiting for your request to be processed.

To help you understand the different sections of your council tax bill, you can view a sample bill with explanations.

For information on paying your bill and managing your payments see the pay your council tax page.

Pay Your Council Tax

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