Council Tax Support

Council Tax Support is financial support to help you pay your council tax if you are on a low income or unemployed. The scheme is reviewed on annual basis.

To qualify for Council Tax Support you must be the person responsible for paying the Council Tax or the partner of that person. If you are in a couple only one of you needs to make a claim.

Check if you are entitled to Council Tax Support

You will not be entitled to Council Tax Support if:

  • you have  capital amount over £16,000 ( savings and investments)
  • you are a full-time student - if you have a partner who is not a student, your partner may be able to submit a claim

To find out if you will be entitled to Council Tax Support  please use the entitlement calculator. The results are approximate and are designed to give you an idea of how much you should expect to pay towards your Council Tax.

Entitlement calculator

How is Council Tax Support calculated?

For information on how Council Tax Support is calculated please refer to the Council Tax Support Scheme 2021.