Traffic Management Orders (TMO)

Traffic Management Orders are:

  • Written legal documents created by the council to manage, control, and regulate traffic.
  • Allow the council to enforce all on-street parking controls in the borough. This includes yellow lines, parking bays and council off-street car parks. 
  • They may also prescribe a wide range of other controls which can be enforced by the council and police. This includes one-way streets, no entries and turning movements.

Most Traffic Management Orders arise from input from local communities and the police to address specific traffic congestion, parking or road safety issues.

Request a temporary traffic regulation order

To request a temporary Traffic Regulation Order please see Roadwork fees and applications

Temporary road works and events

Proposed and recently introduced traffic management schemes

Road closures in neighbouring boroughs

Sometimes road closures in neighbouring boroughs may have diversion routes through Harrow.

You will need to check their websites for further information: