Roadworks in Harrow

Roadworks fees and applications

Temporary Traffic Regulation Order (TTRO)

A TTRO is made when it is necessary to temporarily stop or limit vehicular and/or pedestrian traffic along the highway. This includes footpaths. A TTRO can also be made when it is necessary to temporarily enforce no waiting no loading restrictions. These TTROs are made for roadworks or special events on the highway.

To request a Temporary Traffic Management Order please complete the application form below and send it to the email address on the form. You will need to allow a minimum of six weeks from acceptance of your application before work can commence.

Please complete the form below and send to  

Streetworks Licence (Section 50)

Utilities and other bodies have statutory powers to install apparatus in a public highway. The exception is when the highway is a special road under the Highways Act 1980 (eg, a motorway). Any other company or individual who wants to install and maintain apparatus will need to apply for a licence. This falls under Section 50 of the New Roads and Street Works Act 1991 (NRSWA). Also known as a Streetworks Licence.

To request a streetworks licence please complete an application form and send it to the email address on the form. Please ensure you read the terms and conditions and guidance notes before completing an application. The fees are listed below:

  • To allow non-statutory undertakers to carry out works on the public highway: £1,322.40
  • Supervision fee for footway or carriageway reconstruction: £3,818.80
  • Site meeting: £203.90
  • Provision of utility plant plans: £214.40

Application forms

After you have completed the application, please email the form to us for approval at

You will need to include the full address of the site you are proposing to carry out works in the subject line.