Resident parking permits

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update:

Many of us will be at home throughout the Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis. To help you, we have relaxed parking enforcement for our residents. You will be allowed to park in resident permit bays in the Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) that you live in without displaying a permit. If you receive a PCN you can appeal this with proof of address and we will cancel the fine.

If your permit expired after March 2020, you won't get a PCN for displaying this - but you must renew your permit as normal.

If you are a carer and going on a home visit, the same rule applies, you won't need to display a permit.

All new CPZ's due to come live from 1 April 2020 have been placed on hold and residents will not be required to apply for permits.  Once we are in a position to progress, residents affected will be notified and advised to enable them to apply and purchase permits.

All Resident Parking Permits are valid for one year and start on the first day of the specified month.

Resident parking permits are only valid in the Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) that they were issued for.

New resident parking permits

You can apply for a resident parking permit online. Parking permits cannot be issued by phone or at the Civic Centre. Please note that you will need to allow 10 working days for your permit to be issued.

If you have not received your parking permit after 10 working days contact our parking department.

How much does a resident parking permit cost?

The fee paid for a resident parking permit depends on how many vehicles are at a single property.

Number of vehicles Fee
Environmentally friendly vehicles (EFVs)* No charge
1st vehicle £79
2nd vehicle £116
3rd vehicle £152
4th vehicle £195
All subsequent vehicles £195

*If there is one EFV at an address, the 1st standard vehicle will be charged at the 2nd vehicle rate. If there are two EFVs at an address, the first standard vehicle will be charged at the 3rd vehicle rate. If it is found that a permit has been applied for at the wrong rate it will be deemed as invalid with the amount paid refunded and a PCN may be issued to the vehicle.

Immediate parking after submitting an application

If you have applied for a resident parking permit for the first time or have requested to change your vehicle or address on your permit and wish to park somewhere immediately you will need to:

  • Print the acknowledgement email that you receive from us
  • Clearly display it on your vehicle’s dashboard
  • Make sure the email address and the email message is fully visible

Doing the above will allow your vehicle to be parked in a resident parking bay for seven days beginning from the date on the acknowledgement email.

If you have not received your permit after seven days your request will be flagged up to us and your vehicle will be protected from being issued with a PCN.

Temporary vehicle permits

If you have a temporary vehicle you can apply for on-street parking. You will not receive an email confirming your parking entitlement instead of a physical permit.

The permit will be valid from the next working day following your application, or the date you have requested if this is later.

Applications made after 5pm will not be processed until the following working day.

Parking permit eligibility

Proof of residency

Examples of acceptable documents include:

  • a vehicle registration document
  • a driver's licence
  • a recent bank Credit/Debit card statement or
  • a current tenancy agreement.

Proof of vehicle ownership

Examples of acceptable documents include:

  • a vehicle Registration document
  • a letter from your employer confirming that you are the sole user of the vehicle
  • a hire/lease agreement
  • a bill of sale/invoice or
  • a valid insurance document.

Type of vehicle

The following types of vehicle are eligible for a resident permit:

  • passenger vehicles
  • goods carrying vehicles
  • motorcycles

The overall size of the vehicle should not exceed 2.08 metres in height, 5.50 metres in length, or 5 tonnes in weight.

Declined parking permit applications

Resident parking permit applications may be declined if any of the following applies:

  • you live in a permit restricted property
  • you don't live within the boundaries of a CPZ
  • you are applying for a business premises
  • your vehicle exceeds any of the following:
    •  2.08 metres in height
    • and/or 5.50 metres in length or
    • 5 tonnes in weight

If your parking permit application is declined and you have made a payment you will be refunded (excluding a £25 administration fee.)

Environmentally friendly vehicles (EFV)

An EFV is a vehicle that is propelled by electricity, compressed natural gas, methane gas, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), hydrogen, methanol, ethanol or hybrid vehicles using a combination of petrol or diesel, with electricity or LPG. Evidence such as a vehicle registration document will be required to qualify for the above.

Blue Badge holders

If you have a Blue Badge you do not need a resident's parking permit. Your Blue Badge should be clearly displayed in the vehicle otherwise you may receive a PCN which will not be cancelled.

The decision to purchase a resident's permit in addition to holding a Blue Badge is up to you.

Permit restricted properties

Some addresses are not eligible for resident or visitor permits, due to conditions or agreements applied at the time planning permission was approved for the development or conversion of a property. 

This normally applies to developments that are intended to be 'car free' or have a low parking provision and are in areas with good access to public transport.

Blue Badge holders may still apply for permits. You can check your address on our interactive map.