Visitor Parking Permits

If you live in a controlled parking zone your visitors will need to display a Visitor Parking Permit when they park their vehicle(s).

Visitor Parking Permits are only valid within the specified area of a controlled parking zone unless they are in a permit restricted property.

How long does it take to get a Visitor Parking Permit?

Visitor Parking Permits will usually take two weeks to arrive from the date of your payment.

How much does a Visitor Parking Permit cost?

The fees shown below are for a book of 10 Visitor Parking Permits. Each household is restricted to a maximum of 10 books per year.

Residents whose property falls within a permit restricted development will not be allowed to purchase Visitor Parking Permits.

Permit type Fees
Visitor Book of 10 - £20.30
Senior citizen Book of 10 - £10.15
Visitors in receipt of mobility benefits Book of 10 - £10.15

Permit restricted properties

Some addresses are not eligible for visitor parking permits due to conditions applied when planning permission was approved for the development of certain properties.

This applies to developments that are 'car free' or have good access to public transport. Blue Badge holders may still be able to apply for parking permits in these conditions.

Validating a Visitor Parking Permit

For all controlled parking zones except zone HB, a permit is validated by scratching off the day and month. The Visitor Parking Permit will be invalid if the day or month is not scratched off or more than one day or month is scratched off.

  • For zone HB you must scratch out either the day or night time box at the top.
  • For a day visit the permit is validated by scratching out the day and the month.
  • For an overnight visit both days must be scratched out and where applicable both months (eg 28 Feb & 01 Mar).

Conditions of use

Each Visitor Parking Permit is valid for one day (except in controlled parking zone HB) and there is no need to scratch out the times where these are printed.

Visitor Parking Permits remain the property of the council at all times and cannot be resold. If a person is caught selling a visitor parking permit they will be charged with a Penalty Charge Notice of up to £110.

Visitor Parking Permits must be correctly validated. The parking permit must be clearly displayed on the dashboard so that all details can be seen from the outside.

The Visitor Parking Permit is only valid in the following vehicles:

  • passenger vehicles
  • goods carrying vehicles
  • motor cycles 
  • invalid carriages

The size of the vehicle must not exceed 2.08 metres in height, 5.50 metres in length, or 5 tonnes in weight.

Full conditions are detailed on the reverse of each Visitor Parking Permit.