Visitor parking permits

Your visitors will need to display a visitor parking permit when they park their vehicle(s) if you live in a controlled parking zone.

If your property falls within a Permit Restricted Property you will not be allowed to purchase Visitor Parking Permits.

Before you start

To apply for a visitor parking permit you may need to provide proof of residency unless your details are already on our new resident's parking permits system.

To receive a discount for a visitor parking permit you will need to provide the following:

  • Mobility discount - proof of a mobility related benefit
  • Senior discount - you need to be aged 65 or over to be eligible. Please upload a copy of your State Pension letter, Passport, Driving Licence or Freedom Pass

Please make sure you have read the conditions of use.

Apply for a visitor parking permit

It can take up to two weeks to receive the permit from the date of your payment.

Visitor parking permit fees

The fees shown below are for a book of 10 visitor parking permits. Each household is restricted to a maximum of 10 books per year.

  • Visitor: book of 10: £24.20
  • Senior citizens or disabled residents in receipt of disability benefits or attendance allowance: book of 10: £12.10

In some circumstances the limit may be increased, examples of these are provided in our conditions of use.


Residents who live within Controlled Parking Zones must purchase visitor parking permits for any tradespeople to allow them to park their vehicles.

Tradespeople cannot purchase permits themselves.

Additional visitor parking permits

To request additional visitor permits please email

Please state the number of additional permits you need, with the reason you need additional permits.

Lost or missing parking permits

If you have lost your parking permit you can request a new one by emailing