Resident Parking permits

Renew or update your Resident Parking permit

The emission-based permits launched this year meaning there are two types of resident permits in use. The process for renewing a resident permit varies depending on which type of permit you have.

Permits starting with RS or RG

Permits starting with RS or RG cannot be renewed with your existing details. This is because we need to verify your vehicle's emissions so that the correct fee is applied.

You can no longer renew this type of permit. This means that if you have multiple resident permits, your first permit purchased after 1 October 2020 will be charged at the first vehicle rate for the relevant emissions band.

All other permits purchased at the address will be charged for the corresponding vehicle and emissions.

To obtain a new permit please complete the RS or RG resident parking permit form.

RS or RG resident parking permit form.

Emissions based permits

To renew an emissions based permit, (not starting with RS or RG) purchased from September 2020 onwards, please complete the emissions-based parking permit form.

Emissions-based parking permit form

You may have received an email reminder about this permit.

For information on the emissions-based charges, visit our Resident Parking Permit fees page.

Updating a parking permit

You can make a change to your permit if you are:

  • changing your vehicle
  • moving to a new permit zone

To make a change please send an email to: parking.permits@harrow.gov.uk

Please enter 'CHANGE OF VEHICLE' or 'CHANGE OF ADDRESS' in the subject field. You will need to provide your current address, vehicle details and the expiry date of your permit; along with information relating to the new vehicle or address.

Cancelling a parking permit

To cancel a permit, please email parking.permits@harrow.gov.uk

Please enter 'CANCEL PERMIT' in the subject field. You will need to provide your address, vehicle details and the expiry date of your permit.


Partial refunds for Resident Parking permits may be issued when a permit is no longer required.

Only whole months are refunded and where the amount to be refunded is equal to or less than the administration fee (£25), no refund will be made.

Lost or missing parking permits

If you have lost your parking permit you can email the team at parking.permits@harrow.gov.uk to request a new one.