Resident parking permits

Resident parking permit fees

The table below shows the charges for resident parking permits. The fee paid is determined by how many vehicles are at the property.

Current rates:

No. of vehicles Fee
Environmentally friendly vehicles No charge
1st vehicle £79
2nd vehicle £116
3rd vehicle £152
4th vehicle £195
All subsequent vehicles £195

Permit Charges Guidance

  • All vehicles at an address are included in the total and Environmentally Friendly Vehicles (EFVs) are always counted before other vehicles.

  • If there is one EFV at an address, the 1st standard vehicle will be charged at the 2nd vehicle rate and if there are two EFVs at an address, the first standard vehicle will be charged at the 3rd vehicle rate.

  • If it is found that a permit has been applied for at the wrong rate it will be deemed as invalid with the amount paid refunded and a Penalty Charge Notice may be issued to the vehicle.

Parking permits

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