Parking permits for businesses and healthcare professionals

Healthcare Permits

Some healthcare professionals need to visit their patients in Controlled Parking Zones (CPZ) when parking restrictions apply.

We offer Healthcare Parking Permits. These permits are only given to people who have to make such visits, and they are only valid when home visits are taking place.

Healthcare Parking Permits for Local Authority and NHS staff are offered at a discounted rate with the correct authorisation, as detailed on the application form.

Healthcare permit application

Download the application form below. It includes the current prices and terms and conditions under which these permits are issued.

After you complete your application please scan and email the application to

Healthcare permit application form

Business Permits 

We offer two types of Parking Permits for local businesses which are available for some car parks in the borough.

  1. General Business Permits: these are for individual vehicles. They are only available for 3, 6, or 12-month periods.
  2. Marked Specific Permits: these are for allocated spaces within the car park. They can be used by any vehicle displaying the relevant permit. These are available for 12-month periods.

Car parks

  • Cambridge Road Car Park (North Harrow)
  • Chapel Lane Car Park (Pinner)
  • Davy House Car Park (Harrow Town Centre)
  • Greenhill Way Car Park (Harrow Town Centre)
  • Leisure Centre Car Park (Wealdstone)
  • Peel House Car Park (Wealdstone). This car park is open 07:30 to 20:00 Monday to Saturday. Marked Specific permits allow access to the Car Park 24/7
  • Queens House Car Park (Harrow Town Centre). This car park is secured overnight but permit holders can still access the car park. Due to the age and design of the car park it is currently charged at a lower rate than the other two car parks in Harrow Town Centre. Due to the age and design of the car park it is not suitable for people with mobility issues.

Business Permit application 

Download the application form below form which includes the current prices and terms and conditions under which these permits are issued.

After you complete your application please scan and email the application to

Business parking permit application form

Parking a replacement vehicle

Below are some tips for parking a replacement vehicle in a car park which has its Vehicle Registration Mark (VRM) printed on the permit.

  • If you need to use a different vehicle to the one on your parking permit, the original parking permit must be on display in your replacement vehicle.
  • You should email one working day before with the following information:
    • car park name
    • permit number
    • original vehicle registration mark and make of vehicle
    • replacement vehicle registration mark and make of vehicle
    • the start and end date
  • If you send the email on the same day that you park the replacement car, try and send it no more than 15 minutes after parking it.
  • If the replacement vehicle is going to be used for longer than one week, extra documentation may be requested.


If a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) is issued to a replacement vehicle, and your email was sent more than 15 minutes after the time the PCN is issued we will not cancel the PCN.

If both the original and replacement vehicles are parked in the car park at the same time without one having a valid payment, then the permit will be classed as invalid. Both vehicles will be issued with a PCN.