Resident parking permits

Resident parking permit guidance

Proof of residency

Examples of acceptable documents include: Vehicle Registration document, driver's licence, recent bank Credit/Debit card statement or a current tenancy agreement.

Proof of vehicle ownership

Examples of acceptable documents include: Vehicle Registration document, a letter from your employer confirming that you are the sole user of the vehicle, hire/lease agreement, bill of sale/invoice, valid insurance document.

Type of vehicle

The following types of vehicle are eligible for a resident permit:

  • passenger vehicles
  • goods carrying vehicles
  • motorcycles

The overall size of the vehicle should not exceed 2.08 metres in height, 5.50 metres in length, or 5 tonnes in weight.

Environmentally friendly vehicles

An environmentally friendly vehicle is a vehicle that is propelled by electricity, compressed natural gas, methane gas, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), hydrogen, methanol, ethanol or hybrid vehicles using a combination of petrol or diesel, with electricity or LPG. Evidence such as a Vehicle Registration document will be required to qualify for the above.

Blue Badge holders

If you have a Blue Badge you do not need a resident's parking permit. The badge should be clearly displayed in the vehicle. If the badge is not clearly displayed in the vehicle a Penalty Charge Notice will be issued and will not be cancelled. The decision to purchase a resident's permit in addition to holding a Blue Badge is up to the resident to decide.

Permit restricted properties

Some addresses are not eligible for resident or visitor permits, due to conditions or agreements applied at the time planning permission was approved for the development or conversion of a property.  This normally applies to developments that are intended to be 'car free' or have a low parking provision and are in areas with good access to public transport. Blue Badge holders may still apply for permits. You can check your address on our interactive map.

Permits not received within 10 working days

If you have not received your parking permit within 10 working days of submitting your application please contact the parking department.

Cancel your permit & request a refund

Partial refunds for residents’ permits may be issued when vehicle owners move to a new location where the permits are no longer required. Whole months only are refunded. Where the amount to be refunded is equal to or less than the administration fee, no refund will be made. The administration fee is set at £25.

To request a refund please send your permit and a covering letter explaining why you are returning it to the address below. Your covering letter must include your name and address.

MyHarrow Account guide

For further details please download the MyHarrow Account guide to parking permits.


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