Parking permit system upgrade

We are rolling out an upgrade to our parking permit service later this month. The upgrade will begin on Monday 23rd October and will mean our parking permit application page will be temporarily unavailable for about three days.

What this means for you:

  1. If your parking permit is set to renew on or before 31st October, we encourage you to renew it before our system upgrade begins on 19th October. This will ensure that there are no delays processing your renewal.
  2. If you want to renew or apply for a new parking permit after 24th October, the process will be a little different.

New applications and renewals after 24th October 2023

We will not be bringing over the old data we have about your parking permit to our new system. This means that when it comes to renewing your parking permit(s) after 24th October, the system will treat your first renewal as the first vehicle registered to your property.

What it means if you have multiple cars at a property

If you have multiple parking permits registered at the same property, when you first renew any one of your parking permits it will be treated as your first parking permit at that address.

Where a property has more than one valid permit registered at that address, the first one renewed will be priced based on the rate of the 1st permit (at the appropriate emissions band).

The next vehicle will be priced at the 2nd, continuing upwards in cost to cover all permits at that address.

Multiple parking permits at one property

  • This is an example of a scenario where a resident has two vehicles with valid parking permits at one property.

Your current first registered vehicle is your large petrol vehicle. Your second registered vehicle is your small petrol vehicle. Both vehicles have different renewal dates (both after 24th October).

The permit for your small vehicle is renewing before your large vehicle. If you renewed the permit for your small vehicle first, it will be registered as the first registered vehicle at your property on our new system.

Some residents choose to select the vehicle with the highest CO2 emissions as their first registered car to reduce the cost of the permits so please bare this in mind when renewing your permits after 24th October.

For more information about parking permit fees see our parking permit fees page.

Do you have a MyHarrow Account?

You will need to have a MyHarrow Account to renew or apply for a parking permit after 24th October. Creating an account is free and takes about five minutes.

You can register for an account and find out more information on our MyHarrow Account page.

What it means for Visitor parking permits

After 26th October you will need to have a MyHarrow Account and log in before you can purchase visitor parking permits. When you first log in, you will be able to apply for a coupon book permit to register your details.

Once you have registered your details you will then be able to select ‘visitor coupon book’ from the drop-down menu.

For more information about Visitor parking permits see our Visitor parking permit page.

What it means for Senior citizen or Mobility discounted parking permits

If you are applying for a Senior citizen or Mobility discount for a Visitor parking permit after 26th October, you will need to upload your proof of entitlement again.

You will only have to provide this the first time and not every year you renew. We do apologise for the inconvenience this may cause.