Resident parking permits

Apply, renew or update your permit

User account icon You will need a MyHarrow Account to apply for a parking permit online. To submit a parking permit application login or register for a MyHarrow Account before applying for a parking permit. If you need help setting up your account, see our MyHarrow Account guide.

Apply for a resident parking permit

To apply for a new resident parking permit you will need:

  • your V5C number which you can find at the top of your vehicle's log book.

Apply for a resident parking permit


There may be some delay in processing your application as there is always a high demand for parking permits. If you receive a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) in the period between applying for a permit and receiving and displaying your permit we will cancel your PCN. 

Renewing your resident parking permit

To renew your resident parking permit you will need:

  • to keep the old permit displayed on your windscreen until you receive the new one.

Renew your resident parking permit


Make a change to your resident parking permit

You can make a change to your resident parking permit if you are:

  • changing your vehicle
  • moving to a new permit zone

Make a change to your resident parking permit


Cancel your resident parking permit

Partial refunds for resident parking permits may be issued when vehicle owners move to a new location where the permits are no longer required.

Only whole months are refunded and where the amount to be refunded is equal to or less than the administration fee (£25), no refund will be made.

To cancel your parking permit and request a refund, you will need to send us the following by post:

  • your current parking permit
  • a covering letter including your name, address and reasons for cancelling your parking permit.

Once complete you can send the above to:

Parking permits
Civic Centre
Station Road

Streets in more than one parking zone

You may find there is an issue completing the form if your street is in more than one parking zone. If this happens please complete your application and when we process it we will issue you with the correct permit.

Do you know which Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) you are in?

You can find out which CPZ a street is located in by searching our CPZ map.