Resident parking permits

All resident permits are valid for one year, start on the first day of the specified month and are only valid in the specified Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) for which they have been issued.

Residents permits cannot be issued if:

  • you live in a permit restricted property
  • you don't live within the boundaries of a CPZ
  • you are applying for a business premises
  • your vehicle exceeds any of the following:
    •  2.08 metres in height
    • and/or 5.50 metres in length or
    • 5 tonnes in weight

Any application submitted where one of the above applies will be automatically declined. If an application is processed on the system but the issuing officer finds that one of the conditions above applies, the permit will not be issued and any payment made will be refunded, less the £25.00 administration fee.

New permits

Please use our online form to apply for a new permit. You'll need your V5C number which you can find at the top of your vehicle's log book.

Renewing your permit

Please use our online form to renew your permit. You will need to keep the old permit displayed on your windscreen until you receive the new one.

Temporary vehicle permits

If you have a temporary vehicle you can apply for on-street parking.

You won't receive a physical permit, instead you will receive an email confirming your parking entitlement. The permit will be valid from the next working day following the application, or the date you have requested if this is later. Applications made after 5pm will not be processed until the following working day.

Change of vehicle / address

Please use our online form to update your permit, if you are:

  • changing your vehicle
  • moving to a new permit zone

Processing your permit

There may be some delay in processing your application at times when there are a high demand for a permit. Once your application is live you will be safeguarded against receiving a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) until the time you receive and display your permit. If in the unlikely event a PCN is issued during this interim period, it will be cancelled with immediate effect. 

Temporary permit

Please note some instructions you must follow if you’ve applied for one of the following, and wish to park immediately:

  • A resident permit for the first time
  • Requested a permit for a change of vehicle
  • Requested a new permit due to changing address

Print the acknowledgement email that you receive from us and clearly display it on your vehicle’s dashboard. The email address and the email’s contents must be fully visible to the Civil Enforcement Officer. This will allow your vehicle to be parked in a resident parking bay for seven days beginning from the date on the acknowledgement email.  

If you have not received your permit after seven days your request will be flagged up to us and your vehicle will be protected from being issued with a PCN. 

Please note

  • Permits cannot be issued by phone or at Harrow Civic Centre
  • You will need to allow 10 working days for your permit to be issued.

Parking permits

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