Roadworks in Harrow

Find the location of road works

Information on road and pavement work in Harrow can be viewed on our interactive map. It shows where work is taking place with details of the nature of the work and estimated timings. The data might not include emergency work or work done at short notice.

View the roadworks map

Highway Network Management

Highway Network Management deal with managing the flow of traffic and pedestrians on the public highway. This includes:
  • road and street work
  • potholes
  • faulty pavements and other highway defects
  • road closures
  • special events on the highway
  • vehicle crossings

We try to co-ordinate all non-emergency work on the roads and footways in line with the New Roads and Street Works Act 1991 and the London Permit Scheme.

The majority of works are carried out by utility companies such as gas, water and electricity suppliers. These works are necessary to install new supplies and upgrade existing ones to cope with the change of demand for services.

Temporary Traffic Management Order

You can see what temporary road closures or restrictions are upcoming in your area in the Traffic Management Orders (TMO) section. If you need to apply for a Temporary Traffic Management Order please complete the TTRO form.

Street Works Licence applications for Non-Statutory Undertakers

For details of applying for temporary orders and Street Works licences and fees please see the streetworks licence application (2021-22).

NRSWA Section 58 & 58a Restrictions

See our current list of Section 58 Restrictions.