Report a pothole

A pothole is created when street surfaces freeze, thaw and crack, allowing water to seep under the tarmac.

As that water freezes and thaws, it causes an expansion and creates the damage we see as potholes.

Before you start

To report a pothole on a road in Harrow, you will need to provide:

  • the location of the pothole and
  • a photo upload of the pothole (optional)

Report a pothole

How do we deal with potholes?

A highway supervisor will visit the location of the pothole and will assess the size, location and risk to road users.

We aim to respond to your report within three working days.

The highway supervisor will then prioritise the pothole for repair to the following timescales:

  • High risk potholes - within 24 hours
  • Low risk potholes - within 7 days.