Report a problem with a manhole cover

Definition of a manhole cover

A manhole cover is the metal lid of a drain which can be found on pavements throughout Harrow. Over time, manholes can become worn, damaged or even go missing. 

They can become trip hazards, and their covers can end up in the roads, footpaths or gardens.

Tell us about a manhole cover

Mark the location on the map

The button below will take you to a page with a map. Position the map so that the 'Confirm Location' marker points to the location with the issue.

Alternatively, at the top of the map you can type an address that's close to the location in question. However once the map has reoriented, adjust the 'Confirm Location' marker. It needs to point to the exact location of the manhole.

The marker must be on the green shading or you will not be able to proceed. Sections that are not green are not maintained by the Council.

Once the 'Confirm Location' marker is in the right place, click it to proceed.

Report a manhole cover

How we deal with reported manhole cover problems

One of our inspectors will visit the location of the manhole. They will identify its owner and report the issue directly to their company.

We do not carry out direct repairs on manhole covers. We aim to respond to your report within three working days. A site visit from one of our inspectors will be conducted within 5-7 working days.