Skip licence

What is a Skip licence?

  • If you wish to put a skip on the public highway, you will need a Skip licence. If the skip is going to be placed on private land it does not need a licence.

Each skip needs its own licence, each time it is put on the highway.

Only one skip may be placed at a single location at a time, although permission may be granted for two skips.

If you hire skips from a hiring company it is the responsibility of the skip company to get the licence.

Applying for a Skip licence

To apply for a Skip licence you need to:

Download an application

What happens next?

  • If you need more than one skip, you need to complete an application form for each skip. Your licence will not be approved straight away.
  • Your application is subject to a site inspection and all conditions being met. A licence may be issued with special conditions at the discretion of the inspector.

Terms and conditions

The person completing the application form is responsible for the following:

  • ensuring the skip is sited as directed on the licence and is lit during the hours of darkness
  • ensuring that the skip is marked with the owners name and telephone number or address
  • ensuring the skip does not exceed 5 m in length by 2 m in width
  • ensuring any additional conditions detailed in the permit are adhered to.

Once the licence has been granted, it will be issued to the skip company.

Skip licence fees

The cost of a skip licence is £75.40 for a period of 14 days.

A further £75.40 is chargeable for each additional two-week period.

Where a non-licensed skip is identified, a fee of twice the standard is applied.

If you are placing a skip in a parking bay or in a Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ), you may need to submit an application for a bay suspension on the highway.

Report a suspected skip without a licence

If you think that a skip is being used without a licence you can report it online. You will need to:

  • provide the address or details of the location of the skip, and
  • send the details to