Apply for a pavement licence

A pavement licence can be applied for by businesses that want to place furniture on the public pavement. This enables them to sell or serve food and drink supplied from, or in connection with the use of their premises. Examples of such businesses include: public houses, cafés, bars, restaurants, snack bars, coffee shops, and ice cream parlours. 

The furniture which may be used is:

  • counters or stalls for selling or serving food or drink
  • tables, counters or shelves on which food or drink can be placed
  • chairs, benches or other forms of seating
  • umbrellas, barriers, heaters and other articles used in connection with the outdoor consumption of food or drink.

All furniture is required to be removable, meaning it must not be a permanent fixed structure and can be moved or stored away. 

Make an application

To apply for a pavement licence you need to:

All applications must be subject to consultation with the community as well as relevant council departments (Highways Department).  

The consultation period is 5 working days (excluding public holidays).

If you need help with your application you can view our application form guidance.

Please see our terms and conditions which are applicable to all pavement licences.

Pavement licence fees

The fee for a new licence is £500. The fee for renewals is £350.

After you apply for a pavement licence

After you apply for a pavement licence you should:

  • Put up a notice of application on the premises on the day your application is submitted, to make the public aware of your application
  • Ensure your notice remains in place for the public consultation period which is the period of 5 working days beginning the day after your application is submitted (working days excluded.)

Download a copy of the notice you should put up after your application is submitted.