Parking suspensions and dispensations

Before a parking suspension or dispensation is issued we must be satisfied that alternatives for parking exist. Parking suspensions or dispensations are not issued for vehicles to be able to park vehicles more conveniently.

Parking suspensions

A parking suspension is only available where parking, loading or disabled bays are marked during their times of operation.

If you need the closure or restriction of any other part of the road or bay outside these times you will need to apply for a Temporary Traffic Order.

Due to a loss of income during the suspension period, 100% of the daily rate is applied per bay, per day of suspension, plus an administration fee. 

It is an offence and an obstruction of the highway to:

  • hold a parking space by blocking it off with cones or other objects
  • block a parking space, for example with a skip or building materials without a licence

Parking suspension fees

Parking suspension fees are split into two parts:

  1. The administration fee. This is standard across the borough.
  2. The bay/equal area per day fee. These are scaled in line with our on-street parking fees strategy in any area where there are pay & display or shared use bays.

Apply for a parking suspension

The parking suspension application process takes a minimum of 5 working days. To apply for a parking suspension you can download the application form below.

Apply for a parking suspension

Please send your completed application form to

Parking dispensations

A parking dispensation is like a temporary permit that allows a specific vehicle to park. It must be within a controlled parking zone or on a single yellow line during restricted hours.

Parking dispensations are rarely issued in the following circumstances:

  • when off-street parking such as a driveway is available
  • for parking on double yellow lines
  • for zig-zags
  • for bus stops or
  • in disabled parking bays.

You must display your parking dispensation notice on the windscreen or dashboard of the vehicle.  If it is not visible to a parking attendant you may receive a Penalty Charge Notice.

Parking dispensations for building works

Parking dispensations can be applied for by the resident or the builder or contractor carrying out the work. 

The types of work where dispensations may be granted include:

  • building works
  • glazing
  • site access
  • removals
  • large deliveries
  • tree surgery.


In the event of a funeral where parking is likely to be problematic, please email the parking operations team and we will endeavour to be helpful.

Parking dispensation fees

These are calculated in line with our geographical on-street parking fees strategy.

Price in area with on-street pay & display parking

Area Fee per two-week period
Metropolitan £66
Major and District £55
Local £43

Price in an area without pay & display parking:

Area Fee per two-week period
Any area with no pay & display parking nearby £43

Apply for a parking dispensation

Parking dispensations are purchased by emailing the Parking Permits team on

You will be asked for the vehicle registration number and the cost charged per vehicle.

Further instructions will be sent to complete your application.