Apply for a scaffolding licence

Before any scaffolding can be placed on the public highway, the scaffold provider must apply to us for a scaffolding licence.

A licence will only be issued to the company responsible for erecting the scaffold on the highway.

Before you start

To apply for a scaffolding licence you need to:

You will be contacted about how you can complete your payment once we receive your application.

Download an application form

Scaffolding licence fees

Please be advised: We no longer charge a separate fee for residential and commercial scaffolding applications.

First month Fee
Up to 15 metres £237.90
More than 15 metres £294.60
Following months Fee
Up to 15 metres £188.30
More than 15 metres £237.90
Refundable deposit Fee
Up to 15 metres      £649.70
More than 15 metres £1,299.40

A site meeting with a highway officer is currently: £115.50