Crane licence

When will you need a Crane licence?

  • You will need a Crane licence to place a crane or a cherry picker on a public highway.

If you need to place the crane on private land you will not need a licence. You can hire the use of cranes or cherry pickers from crane operating companies.

The crane operating company is responsible for having the relevant licence. A site visit is required by the council before any licences are granted.

A road closure may be required in certain instances. Please note that there is a six to eight week lead time in arranging a road closure.

Before you apply

To apply for a Crane licence you need to:

Download an application

What happens next?

We will contact you about how you can complete your payment once we receive your application.

Crane licence fees

The current (2024/2025) fees for a Crane licence are:

  • £315.20 - Positioning and lifting the equipment on the highway (where applicable).
  • £695.20 - deposit required.
  • £347.30 - Over sail licence.

Terms and conditions

You (as the applicant) must ensure the following:

  • The safety of the public is the first consideration at all times
  • Public liability insurance that covers the public highway is obtained
  • London Borough of Harrow is indemnified against any third party claim arising from your presence on the highway.
  • The full cost of any clearance or repairs to the highway or street furniture resulting from your activities is paid on demand.
  • The equipment is attended at all times and removed from the highway when not in use.
  • The working area is coned/barriered off to protect pedestrians.
  • You must inform local residents and businesses in advance of any works due to being carried out.
  • Access is available at all times for vehicles and pedestrians (except where a road closure is in force).
  • Inspections are carried out both in and out of normal working hours.
  • Persons found not to be complying with the conditions of any licence will be reported for possible legal action.