Tell us about a change in your circumstances

If there is a change to your household or personal circumstances, and you receive Housing Benefit and/or Council Tax Support, you need to let us know.

If you are unable to do so someone else can report the change on your behalf. They can do so via your MyHarrow Account if they have power of attorney for you, or if they are over 18 and are acting as your appointee. Evidence of this will be required. 

If someone is acting on your behalf the process might take longer. Find out more about attorneys, deputies and appointees

Before you start

  • You will need your login details for your MyHarrow Account.
  • Your Claim reference must be linked to your MyHarrow Account. If you need help, follow the steps on MyHarrow Account support.
  • Please have your supporting documents ready to upload.

You can begin to report the change via the button below:

Report a change

When to tell us about a change

You need to report the change within a month of the change. If you report it later than this, you will only receive the increase in your entitlement from the Monday after reporting the change.

Providing documents

Please make sure you have your supporting documents ready when you report the change. You will need to upload them via your MyHarrow account. The documents will help us assess your change in circumstance as quickly as possible.

If you do not have all the documents while reporting the change you can still submit them at a later date, via the evidence upload page.

When we receive your application form we'll email you. We'll tell you if you need to provide further documents to support your application. For information on the type of documents which are acceptable see our guidance for providing evidence for Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support.

If you cannot provide the evidence required on time, please contact us using the Benefits General Enquiry form

If the documents you have already submitted need to be provided in a different format we will to let you know.

Circumstances where you will need to move on to Universal Credit

Housing Benefit is being replaced by Universal Credit. Some changes to your personal circumstances or household will mean that you can no longer receive Housing Benefit. Instead, you'll need to apply for Universal Credit. Find out what changes will require that you transfer to Universal Credit.

Universal Credit does not cover the costs for Council Tax. If you are transfer to Universal Credit and need financial support to help you to pay Council Tax, you will need to apply for Council Tax Support. Find out more about Universal Credit.

Private tenants

The amount of Housing Benefit you're entitled to when you're a private tenant is determined by a Local Housing Allowance (LHA). The LHA rate for your household will be the maximum amount of benefit you will be entitled to.

Find out if your LHA rate will change due to your change in circumstances.

How we will share your information

When you apply for Housing Benefit, Council Tax Support or Emergency Relief, we use your information to process your application. We also use it for other purposes. For further detail please download our privacy notice.