Tell us you're moving home

Tell us someone has moved in or out of your home

Changes to joint tenancies

If you have a joint tenancy and someone has moved in or out of your home, send us the new tenancy agreement using the evidence form.

Someone has moved in

If someone has moved in please check the rules on who is responsible for paying the council tax. It will inform you whether they need to be registered. If they are responsible for paying Council Tax they will need to report that they have moved in.

If you receive a Council Tax discount or exemption and you are no longer entitled to it, cancel it here.

If you don't receive any discount, and the occupant should not be responsible for paying the Council Tax, you do not need to inform us about the move.

You do not need to inform us of guests who are staying with you temporarily.

Someone has moved out

If someone has moved out and you are the only adult in the property, you may be able to apply for single persons discount. If they were responsible to pay the Council Tax, they should report they have moved out.

If you now live alone, you can apply for a discount if the person who moved out is: