Council tax Final Notice

You will receive a Final Notice when your account has fallen behind three times during the financial year, and you have been sent a Reminder Notice and a 2nd Reminder Notice.
Other reasons for receiving a Final Notice include:

  • because you have not paid the correct amount of your instalment or made a payment on the correct date as shown on your bill or,
  • because you have not kept up to date with your payments even after we sent you a reminder notice or,
  • because your payment had not yet reached your council tax account when the Final Notice was issued.

If you believe you shouldn't have been sent a Final Notice let us know.

Payment options

You must pay the amount shown on the Final Notice within seven days of the date the Notice was issued (this appears at the top of the Notice) to avoid being sent a summons to court.

When a Final Notice is issued you lose the right to pay by instalments and you will have to pay the full balance by the date stated on the notice.

This is the last notice that you will receive before a summons is sent. Find out how to manage your payments and avoid getting into further debt.