Managing Council Tax online

What is e-billing (Paperless bills)?

E-bills are bills you can view online and download. They are exactly the same as the bills sent by post. If you print an e-bill it counts as an original bill.

  • the original bill is accessible at any time
  • we will email you whenever a new bill is available
  • MyHarrow is a secure online account. Only you will have access to it
  • you can change your e-billing preference any time

How to subscribe or cancel e-billing

To subscribe or cancel e-billing:

  • Log into MyHarrow
  • Go to your Council Tax summary
  • Select 'Manage my e-billing'

This will take you to the 'Apply or cancel e-billing form.' From here you can:

  • Check your status on the form before deciding how to proceed.
  • Select 'Next' to change your status, or 'Exit form' to leave it as it is.

You can change this any time following the above steps. If you cancel, you can still view and print your previous bills.

Check the progress of an application

When you apply for something online, you'll get an email receipt, This will have a reference number to confirm that we have your documents.

It can take up to 50 days to process an application.

When we make a decision, we will send you a new bill or letter.

Check if a bill or letter has been sent

To check if a bill or letter has been sent:

  • log into MyHarrow
  • go to your Council Tax summary
  • select 'View my bills and reminders'
  • select a time period from the drop-down menu
  • see if there are any letters since your application

If there are no new bills or letters, your application is still in process. Please continue to pay your most recent bill.