Request a bin repair

Our bins are robust and built to last, but from time to time damage to the wheels, lid or pin can occur.

If your bin lid or pin (the hinge that joins the bin lid to the main body) is damaged, we can repair your bin for free.

Before you start

You can request a bin repair online by telling us:

  • which bin you would like us to repair
  • which part (lid or pin) you would like us to replace.

Request a bin repair


Once we process your request, a member of the team will visit you to repair your bin.

If your bin lid is loose, we recommend using tape or string to hold the lid in place whilst waiting for your repair.

When is a bin repair not free of charge?

If there is damage to the main body of the bin, handle or wheels you will need to order a new bin online.

To find out how you can order a replacement bin, see our order new or extra bins page.

If our bin crew has damaged your bin, they will report this and replace your bin free of charge.

Do you repair all bins?

We repair all bins except Food waste caddies. If your Food waste caddy has been damaged, you can order a new caddy for £5.80.