Help with the cost of living

These pages have details of support available from the London Borough of Harrow, the Government, companies and charities.

Check your benefit entitlement

Find out if you are entitled to receive any benefits from either the government or the council by using our benefits calculator.

After you have entered your details, the calculator will tell you how to claim any benefits you are not already receiving.

It will also work out the amount you should receive, so that you can check if you should be receiving a different rate.

Check your benefit entitlement

Household Support Fund

The Council's Household Support Fund may be able to help through:

  • Help Harrow: Access to food supplies as well as advice on energy, health, wellbeing and benefits
  • Application Scheme: One-off payments that qualifying households can apply for
  • Vouchers for Low-income Households: The council will contact eligible households who will be sent a voucher
  • Free School Meals during the Holidays: Vouchers will be given to vulnerable households 

Find out more about the Household Support Fund

Help with the cost of housing

If you are struggling with the cost of housing check whether you're receiving the correct amount of benefits using the Entitlement Calculator. Then if you are still struggling to pay your rent you may be able to apply for a Discretionary Housing Payment.

If you think are are going to become homeless, please read our information on What to do if you think you will be homeless.

For help with mortgage payments see Mortgage arrears advice

Training and employment

Xcite is a free training and employment programme for people in Harrow. We provide a full range of support to help Harrow residents back into work.

Find out more about the Xcite programme

Warm Hubs

Warm Hubs are safe places giving residents a friendly and inclusive welcome. People can come along on their own, or with a friend, and talk to others over a hot drink.

Find Warm Hubs in Harrow

Free and discounted activities

You can find free activities to support your wellbeing at: