Discretionary Housing Payments

The Discretionary Housing Payment(DHP) scheme is for people in receipt of Housing Benefit or Universal Credit who need extra support with housing costs.

You will only be able to apply for DHP if you are:

  • entitled to Housing Benefit or Universal Credit
  • responsible for rent payments and need more financial help with housing costs
  • your entitlement to Housing Benefit or Universal Credit Housing element is less than your full rent after deducting any ineligible charges

When you cannot claim DHP

You will not be entitled to DHP to pay for service charges that are not eligible for Housing Benefit, such as water, heating or meals.
There are no rules that give anyone a right to a payment, but we may be able to pay you DHP if we believe you need extra financial help. There is a legal limit on the amount each council can pay each year for people in their area. For more information please read the Discretionary Housing Payment policy.