Rent and mortgage arrears advice

If you have trouble paying your rent or mortgage, you can contact our housing advice team. We can give you expert advice for your situation.

If you are on a low income and need help to pay rent, you can check whether you qualify for:

If you have a mortgage, check if you qualify for help towards your payments.

Court representation

If you are facing homelessness or repossession, we can help you. We can give you advice and represent you in court. We can attend the hearing with you, represent you and help present your case to the court.

After the hearing, the adviser will explain the terms of any court order. They may also refer you to other advice agencies for further help and guidance.


If you need help from an adviser at your repossession hearing, you can ask the court usher. They will direct you to the duty adviser. The duty adviser will assess your case. They will tell you what options or defences you have.

Debt advice

Prioritise your debts

Organise your priority debts. Any money left can go towards other debts. Priority debts are those that might lead to you losing your home or utilities.

Do not borrow more money

Be vigilant not to borrow more money to pay off your debts. This will get you further into debt. If you take a loan out from a loan or finance company you may be charged very high rates of interest. This could lead to more trouble for you in the future.

Communicate with your creditors

Contact your creditors (people who you owe money to). Tell them you are having difficulties. They may be able to offer you more affordable terms to help you pay off the arrears.

You may want to send them a copy of your household budget. It should list your income and spending. They can use this to create a realistic repayment plan.

Understand your rights

Get advice on your tenancy rights before you go to court. If you have a defence to the possession action you could get legal aid and help from a solicitor.

Attend all court hearings

Go to all court hearings and explain your money situation. If you attend a court hearing and offer to repay the arrears, the court could force the creditor to accept. This depends on your situation. Sometimes, you will have no defence to a possession action.

If you need help to understand your situation you can contact the Housing advice team. For more debt advice you can contact the organisations below: