Mortgage and rent arrears advice

There are many circumstances which can lead to debt. Often a change in family circumstances, such as unemployment, a relationship breakdown or death of a partner can cause financial problems.

If you are having problems paying your rent or mortgage please contact the housing advice team.

Rent arrears

If you are struggling to pay your rent, you can check to see if you qualify for housing benefit or Universal Credit.

Mortgage arrears

Depending on your circumstances, for a set period lenders may agree to some of the following:

  • reduce your payments
  • charge you interest only for a while if you've got a repayment mortgage (usually you pay capital and interest)
  • allow you to gradually pay off the arrears, alongside your usual payments
  • give you a 'payment holiday'
  • extend your mortgage term to reduce your payments
  • add your arrears to your mortgage and pay them back over the term
  • let you stay in your home while you try to sell the property and find somewhere else to live
  • suggest other assistance, such as one of the government schemes to help with mortgage difficulties

Court representation

If you are facing homelessness or  repossession of your property we can help you by giving you advice and representation at court. The adviser can attend the hearing with you and act as your representative if you need help presenting your case to the court. After the hearing the adviser will explain the terms of any order which the court has made and may refer you to other advice agencies for further help and assistance.

Duty advisers at the court desk may also be available when repossession cases are usually heard. Arrive early for your possession hearing and ask the court usher to direct you to the duty adviser if you need help from an adviser. The duty adviser will assess your case and tell you what options or defences may be available to you.

Housing advice

020 8863 5611 (out of hours)

Telephone: 020 8424 1093