Providing evidence for Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support

Providing information

When you apply for benefits or report a change in circumstances, you will be asked to provide documents to prove the information you have given on your application form.

Where we have asked for copies of documents, we would advise you to submit your documents via our evidence upload form. We will write to you to advise if the documents need to be provided in a different format.

How much time do I have to provide documents?

You have one month to provide the documents we have asked for. If you need more time you must tell us about this as soon as possible.

Providing proof of your of national insurance number and identity

You must provide the original documents to provide proof of your or your partner’s national insurance number and identity. For more information see the national insurance and identity documents page.

Providing other documents

We can accept photocopies for all other documents, except your national insurance and identity.  If we require further information from you we may ask you to provide the original documents.
If some of your documents are only available online, for example, bank statements, you can print these out and tell us that they are electronic.

How to provide evidence

Documents can be posted to Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support office. You can leave the documents in the post box in the One Stop Shop at the Civic Centre reception area. You will need to write their claim reference number (a seven digit number) on any documents provided.