Providing evidence for housing benefit and council tax support

Proof of earned income

This is for all jobs held by you, your partner and any non-dependants.

A non-dependant is someone aged 18 years or more who lives with you as part of the family. Non-dependants are usually adult children and other relatives such as an elderly parents or friends. They will not be liable for paying your rent or council tax. You will usually get less benefit if you have a non-dependant living in your home


  •  If you are paid every week, we will need to see your last five payslips
  •  If you are paid every two weeks, we will need to see your last three payslips
  •  If you are paid every month, we will need to see your last two payslips

If you have just started work, we will accept your contract of employment or employer’s payform (to be completed by your employer) until your wage slips are available.

If you or your partner is self-employed, we need to see the accounts for the last financial year. If you have been trading for less than six months provide a summary of your trading records so far. If you do not have accounts, you will have to complete a self-employed form.


Housing benefits and council tax support office

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