What is adult social care?

Support for adults with care needs

The role of the council's adult services is to advise and support vulnerable people 18 years and over who are in need of support due to:

  • illness
  • old age
  • disability and/ or
  • at risk of losing their independence

What type of support can the council provide?

  • short term support - intensive support also known as reablement, available for a maximum of 6 weeks.
  • long term support - ongoing support

Who is eligible for support?

There is a national eligibility criteria for care and support. We will carry out an assessment called a care and support needs assessment. The assessment will determine if you are eligible for support, such as if you can prepare food and drink for yourself. From the assessment we will identify your needs and the support we can provide.  

What if I don’t qualify for support?

If you don't qualify for a care package from the council you can arrange to employ a private care worker through a home care agency. It is important to make a carefully informed choice and choose one that is registered and inspected by the Care Quality Commission (CQC). 

The types of support we can provide

All adults who appear to need care and support are entitled to a needs assessment. This assessment may determine that short term intensive support (known as Reablement) should be put in place up to a maximum of six weeks.